About Voice Creative

Ever work for a boss that tried to motivate through fear and intimidation? That's what shouting, clickbait and ALL CAPS are in advertising and narration. Each may get someone’s attention, but none build goodwill or provide a reason to listen or to buy. Because Voice Creative is custom and observant, we're different.

At Voice Creative our goal is to make life better for people. In advertising, web content, social media, and email marketing, we take what makes your business special in your marketplace (your usp) and showcase it; we intend to make your business relatable to your target users to keep it top of mind when they are ready to buy. If you are looking for a high intensity scream and shout campaign, we are not the right place.

For narration, e-Learning and audio-books, our focus is authenticity and character definition; to naturally bring the words to life.

Voice Creative provides Voice Actors, effective Copywriting, Copy Editing, Audio Production and most important: we provide results to clients coast to coast and around the world. Give us a try.

Neil Holmes is Founder and President of Voice Creative; an award winning copy, voice and audio production supplier for audio-book producers, videographers, advertising agencies, broadcast and cable, internet and satellite, e-Learning, and main street. Services also include crafting website content, email marketing, SEO, and social media writing, editing and coaching.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Mr. Holmes has been a contributing columnist for Small Market Radio Newsletter, Radio and Production, Radio Sales Cafe and others; a consultant to podcasters; a teacher of advertising copywriting, editing and audio production; along with representing the radio industry to the non-broadcast industry, and a voting member of the Radio Hall of Fame. He has worked at copywriter, editor, and Creative Director in radio markets in sizes from St. Cloud to St. Louis, Chicago and Montreal; providing talent coaching, sales training, client consultations and results-driven radio, Internet and email advertising. Mr. Holmes is also an awarded free-lance photojournalist, Audible audio-book narrator and a trained Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service.

Our Voice Actors, Copywriters, Editors and Producers come from major metro areas and small towns in the USA and abroad, and bring a variety of flavors and dialects, characters and styles to your projects. Our regular partners work on their craft everyday in full-time radio, voice-overs and animation acting, audio-book narration, e-Learning and instruction; and have advanced studies in their chosen profession. Most also coach and teach new generations of talent this subtle art.

At Voice Creative, our track record proves we can bring your project to life, to success. But it is the next project that excites us to be better than we were, and to continue to surpass the industry average.

Our Pledge of Service:

We are our word. We will do what we say we’ll do, without exception.
We endeavor to treat everyone with the respect they are due.
We will not "ghost" anyone. If you don't hear back from us, we either didn't get your message or we could not respond. Please try again.
We remain curious. We ask questions, observe, listen. Not only to our clients, but to the world so that we may write relatable copy and deliver believable and actionable commercials and narrations.
We intend to be your resource, so we work to share information, ideas and processes; even if sometimes we are too honest and blunt.
You will know we appreciate your business and referrals. Our goal is quality work delivered at the speed of life. We will accept nothing less.

If you ever believe we are not living up to our Pledge of Service, please let us know and we will make it right, or make a donation in your name to the charity of your choice.

Brief Privacy Policy:

Your information belongs to you. We use what you provide on this site to create for and communicate with you. Payment information is not collected by or accessible to Voice Creative, and is subject to the privacy policies of our partner providers.