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About Us

We started in radio

We’ve grown as times have changed, from broadcast and outdoor to web content and SEO, to Pay-Per-Click and Social Media. Today, we are invested in streaming and podcasts to bring the most cost-effective advertising opportunities to our clients. 

Voice Creative provides Voice Actors, Advertising Copy, Copy Editing, Video and Audio Production, Banner Creation and Zipvertising. We provide results to clients coast to coast and around the world.

Our Voice Actors, Copywriters, Editors, Producers, and Artists come from major metro areas and small towns in the USA and abroad, and bring a variety of flavors and dialects, characters and styles to your projects. Our regular partners work on their craft every day in full-time radio, voice-overs and animation acting, audio-book narration, online learning and instruction, and graphic arts; and have advanced studies in their chosen profession. Most also coach and teach new generations of talent this subtle art.

Every new project excites us to be better than we were, to continue to surpass the industry average. Our track record proves we can bring your project to life, to success. Our experience means we can bring new customers to your door.


What clients have to say about Voice Creative

We love the feedback we get from our clients!
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Voice Creative produces great commercials! They catch the vision and essence of the clients they work with. I would say that it is a great treat, and I never tire, of the smiles and nods, after playing a commercial produced by Voice Creative. It’s a hard industry but people and companies like Voice Creative make it worth it.

Laura Neeley

“Working with Neil and the team at Voice Creative is always a pleasure. They’re fun to work with and have a variety of voices and deliveries, so I’m able to make my clients happy and get results from their campaigns. They’re also always willing to make adjustments if needed, which doesn’t happen very often, but when a client is being persnickety, Neil and the team are happy to help. In a nutshell, Voice Creative knows how to make the finest ear candy.”

L.T. Tomlin

“Voice Creative has been our ‘go-to’ voice talent source for more than 5 years. The selection and professional sound of the narrators is excellent, and they are always open to feedback and direction. We try to plan ahead so that there is plenty of time to get our recordings done, but on the occasion when we need a very fast turn-around, they’ve always found a way to help us out. Voice Creative has been a valuable partner in creating dozens of our video marketing projects.”

Whitney Hahn