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Below you'll find some radio copy our clients have had success with. Please feel free to read any or all, and skip around. These copy-writing samples are in no particular order.

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Public Radio Billboard

Commercial Length:
Commercial Title: Roadside Billboard

Discuss (LOGO)

Ever Ready Electric

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Safe, Boring, Reliable

Ever Ready Electric is boring. Ever Ready Electric is not going to shock you with an entertaining and delightful commercial, just like Ever Ready Electric won't shock you with faulty work or astonishing prices. Nope, Ever Ready Electric is boring. Safe. Reliable. And that's exactly what you're looking for when you need a new outlet, an upgraded breaker panel, a home generator. Ever Ready Electric is a dependable contractor for residential, commercial and industrial; certified by the State of California, licensed, insured, trusted by Generac and Kohler, and experts in new electrical service, repair, lighting, wired smoke detectors, panel upgrades, indoor and outdoor electrical troubleshooting. Right now [INSERT MONTHLY SPECIAL :10]

Yep, boring, safe, reliable, which makes Ever Ready Electric the intelligent choice. Call [INSERT PHONE NUMBER] for Ever Ready Electric. [INSERT PHONE NUMBER]

Clinton County Fair

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Unlimited Rides

Voice 1: (overly excited) Unlimited rides.
Voice 2: (curious, though not yest excited) What's unlimited rides?
Voice 1: The Clinton County Fair – (giddy) unlimited rides!
Voice 2: You're saying the Clinton County Fair has unlimited Midway rides?
Voice 1 (squeaking with anticipation) Yes!
Voice 2: The Clinton County Fair- with the farm animals, the games, the shows, the live music, and unlimited carnival rides?
Voice 1: (stage yell) YES!
Announcer: Get your Mega Pass for unlimited rides at the Clinton County Fair, July sixteenth through twentieth in Morrisonville. Plan your day, get your tickets and Mega Pass for unlimited rides today online at C C Fair N Y dot com.
Voice 1: Unlimited rides with the Mega Pass for the Clinton County Fair!
Voice 2: (very excited) online at C C Fair N Y dot com.

Rayco Team Sports

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Smiling Stomach

(sfx: wild party in bg) Bill didn't remember painting a giant smiley face on his stomach and making it “talk”. But Jennifer captured it all, (sfx: camera) and Rayco Team Sports put the image on a T-shirt. (sfx starts to fade) Several, actually. (music up/under) When your group needs to look like a team, you need Rayco Team Sports. Embroidery on clothing, from hats and toques to shirts and jackets; plus the heat press to put images, even Bills smiling stomach, on t-shirts and more. For fun, for work, for championships, outfit your team at Rayco Team Sports, Montreal Road at McConnell, Cornwall.

Bo Dollar

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Helium (Party Supplies)

(sfx: helium intake by human)
Ethan: (Voice altered by helium, teasing) Hey Allison
Allison: (hoping they don't get caught) Ethan, you know you're not supposed to do that with helium
Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) Its just some fun, its what we do at Bo Dollar – FUN! you try it
Allison: We're selling fun, great deals on balloons and all types of party decorations,
Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) I know, eighty percent of what Bo Dollar sells is less (in bg: helium intake by human) than four bucks
Allison: (Voice altered by helium) You got it! In fact, the only thing high about Bo Dollar...
Ethan: (Voice altered by helium) is our voices.. (shared laughter)
Announcer: Bo Dollar has everything you need to plan a party
Allison (voice altered by helium) Whoa, you gotta get with the program (sfx human intake helium)
Announcer: (voice altered by helium) Everything for your party, mosty four bucks or less at Bo Dollar, Laval and Saint-Eustache.

Boston Pizza

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Kids Card Alley

(sfx: alley noise, startled cat, Dumpster slams shut)
Male 1: (nervous) But is it legal?
Male 2: (kinda slimy, whispery) Sure, sure. Totally on the up and up, would I steer you wrong?
Male 1: (leaving no doubt) Yes.
Male 2: It's for real, buy a Kids card at Boston Pizza, just five bucks, and get six meals for your kids under ten. Proceeds go to the Boston Pizza Foundation for charity.
Male 1: And I can use it any day of the week?
Male 2: as long as it ends in Y
Male 1: (incredulous) They all end in Y
Male 2: (yeah, duh) So any day of the week, then.
Male 1: Wow, this will really help my budget
Male 2: and the community. But you gotta get 'em by September twentieth at Boston Pizza, Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall.
Male 1: (pleased) Who knew you were such an upstanding guy?
Male 2: (shushing him). Don't spread that around, I gots a reputation to uphold.

Nonna's Ice Cream Parlour

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Lead the Way

free-flow stream of consciousness ...

Nonna's Ice Cream Parlour is Dorval's best kept secret. Which is horrible! Nonna's is delicious and all that, ice cream and coffee in the Italian tradition – Nonna means grandmother in Italian. But Nonnas Ice Cream isn't gonna stay a secret - so bring the family, the kids, aunts and uncles and your Nonna. 'Cause as people understand just how flavorful Nonna's is, it's gonna get crowded. So don't wait, lead the crowd, don't follow. (slightly off mic) Hey Nonna, you ought put that on a bumper sticker. Nonna's Ice Cream Parlour, 475 Avenue Dumont, Dorval.

Magnuson Lumber

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Spring Building

(Sfx: suburban nature. Narrator:) Billy and Rusty came up with a plan, right Rusty (sfx: woof). Billy wants a tree house, Rusty needs a new dog house. So Billy keeps after Mom and Dad about Magnuson Lumber, and how they (dissolve to Billy's voice) have everything for homes, and dog houses, and tree houses! Please, can we go to Magnuson Lumber? (Narrator:) Nice job, Billy. Magnusom Lumber has everything foundation to shingles, plus expert advice and planning. Building trust through experience since 1962, that's Magnuson Lumber, East Main in Castle Dale.

Gaucher Excavation

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Air Fresheners

Sewer lines don't bust when its convenient. And there's not enough air freshener on the planet to make waiting for a repair a pleasant experience. Dark of night, dead of winter – doesn't matter, Goucher Excavation is the team to call to get honest work at an honest price. Foundations, water and sewer, trenching, landscaping, and emergencies: Gaucher Excavating, honest work for an honest price, everyday. Online at Gaucher Excavation dot com.

Desertview Credit Union

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Christmas Signature Loan

(very excited upbeat giddy delivery, happy music up/under) It's coming – the joy and happiness of little elves and cherubs. It's sooo exciting. (sfx: down sting, drudge music. Voice down and drab) Until you open you checkbook. (getting cheery, very optimistic) No, you can feel happy again! (happy music back up/under) No stress, just happy shopping with your Christmas Signature Loan from Desertview Credit Union! Borrow one-thousand dollars, pay eighty-seven dollars a month for twelve months, just seven percent – Wow, that beats the rate on your credit card! See, the holidays are fun! Get your Christmas Signature Loan at Desertview Credit Union on North Main in Huntington and West Main in Ferron, Information and restrictions online at D View dot Org.

St. John's Lutheran Church

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Exceptional Grand Opening

How are you living an exceptional life? A life based in faith, reflecting the image of the creator; guiding families, making constructive contributions to the community, being a role model. Living an exceptional life is based in faith, and St. John’s Lutheran Church is the rock upon which you can build your exceptional life. More than the traditional church, St. John’s is fun and friends and a place to belong. No spiritual homelessness, no aimless wandering for spiritual fulfillment, St John’s Lutheran Church is a gathering of believers serving the community, living in the image of the creator. St. John’s is a family church, beginning worship together with unique children’s programs after. Join the vibrant and growing congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church this Sunday, and make plans to help celebrate the grand opening of the new facility on November 7th. Join Pastor Dennis Jones for inspiration, for constructive contributions, for your exceptional life at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 45 hundred Buena Vista Road, just south of Eden Avenue.

Le Bourbon 89

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Expectations

(delivery – a little down) When you eat out you've learned to settle for this. (delivery – getting more positive) At Le Bourbon 89, we serve you this. (realizing) Oh yeah, radio. You can't see that (delivery – a little down) you settle for this, my hand is at my knee, (delivery, getting very positive) when the ribs and pulled pork, the salads and funky burgers, when possibly the best fried chicken in the West Island is up here – and I've got my hand waaaay over my head. Raise your expectations, take a bite of the south for lunch or dinner with four flavors of ribs and a cold pitcher of beer at Le Bourbon 89 on Saint Jean Boulevard in the Blue Haven Mall.

SeaComm Federal Credit Union

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Holiday Loan

Announcer: Let’s say this balloon (sfx: balloon stretch) represents your budget. In goes your paycheck (sfx: balloon inflates), and out go the credit cards bills (sfx some air escapes balloon), the car payments (sfx some air escapes balloon), the food (sfx balloon completely deflates) , the … you understand all to well. Now, the holidays are here (sfx child laugh), and you just can’t see how to keep a little air in the balloon for the kids. SeaComm Federal Credit Union. Now this is not to say SeaComm is full of hot air, but they can breathe a little life into your budget, with a 9 point 99 A P R Holiday Loan. You can apply right now, just dial 1-800-764-0566, the application takes less than 5 minutes, and you can take up to 9 months to repay. Ensure this holiday is full (sfx: balloon inflates) of good times and wonderful memories, (sfx child laugh) call SeaComm for the Holiday Loan. 1-800-764-0566. 1-800-764-0566.

ANNC: Apply for a SeaComm Federal Credit Union holiday loan at our 9.99 annual percentage rate. Rates and terms are determined by overall credit history. Different Rates may apply. SeaComm Federal Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Other restrictions may apply.

Family Auto

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Money For Education

Some people name their car. (sfx: car start) We’ll call this one “Graduation”. The thing you need to get Graduation - is education. Education is your key (sfx: keys) to Graduation (sfx: car start). If you live in Smith County, grabbing your (sfx: keys) education and achieving (sfx car start) just got a little easier. Until December 31st, the Family Motors Auto Group dealerships in Smithfield and Jonessville are donating a portion of the proceeds from every car sale to scholarships for Smith County students. Every new car, every pre-owned car, every truck, van, SUV, crossover… Every sale means more money for Smith County students. Every new and pre-owned vehicle sold at Family Volkswagen, Jonesville Audi, Porsche of Smithfield, and Jones Family Motors puts more money into scholarships, more scholarships in the hands of students, and can give another student their (sfx: keys) education. Visit Jones Family Motors for Buick, Chevrolet and GMC; or talk to Family Volkswagen, Jonesville Audi or Porsche of Smithfield about your next car, and how you can help hand an education to the students of Smith County.

Couch Law Firm

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: New Life

You do your best, you work hard. Yet bad things happen to good people. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy, or bad with money, or don’t want to work. Bad things happen to good people, and then good people turn to the experience of Spencer Couch at Couch Law Firm dot com. Personal service, free consultations, and the opportunity to start again. The Couch Law Firm will handle your creditors, stop the harassing phone calls, and help you rebuild your credit; so you can get back to living. Get started on your new life now, at Couch Law Firm dot com.

De Bugger Pest Control

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: On Your Face

(sfx: fly back and forth, speaker to speaker, :04. Then fly swatter thump. 01 silence, then a swarm of flies).
Announcer: Just when you think you got' em, they come back, in numbers, just like any pest 'til you call in the experts at De Bugger Pest Control. As it gets colder the mice and bugs and spiders are trying to get into your home, call De Bugger Pest control to keep your family safe, instead of waking with a spider on your face. True Story. De Bugger Pest Control, 'cause the pests can't control themselves.

Ranches Golf Course

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Play Me

Sultry female, slight Scottish accent.

Announcer: I entice you. After all, that is what I was designed for. Some call me energizing. Some call me tantalizing. I'm provocative and soul-stirring. My geography rises and falls. My curves and rising mounds tempt and trap, they seem to go on forever. With every stroke I'm smooth and cunning, passionate and exhilarating. I am the diversion you cannot pass up. Won't you come drive your ball and play in my rough? Satisfaction complete only after we've played a round and shared a meal. I am the Ranches Golf Course, a seventy four hundred yard eighteen hole championship Scottish styles course. I am The Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain. Near everything, away from it all. Definitely worth the drive. Online at The Ranches Golf Club dot com, or call 789-81 hundred. Hear me, call me, play me, I am the Ranches Golf Club, 789-81 hundred.

House of Blinds

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Police Report

Sfx: water dripping from a just extinguished fire, police radios, debris being shifted all in background. Quick responses, slightly overlapping.

Officer: (soothing voice) Ma’am, just tell me what happened …
Woman: (Very shaken) It was all so sudden. Hal and I were sitting here watching the TV, and (screams next word, officer jumps, crash in background) BAM! A rock comes through the window.
Officer: Where’s this rock now?
Woman: I suppose it’s behind the couch – it broke the window but didn’t get past my wood blinds (with pride) aren’t they lovely. They’re Graber blinds from the House of Blinds.
Officer: (patronizing) Graber Blinds you say?
Woman: (bragging / gossiping) From the House of Blinds. I find House of Blinds is value and durability – I mean these (sfx: shaking/rattling blinds. Maybe knocking on them) stopped a rock.
Officer: (redirecting) And how did the fire start?
Woman: (sheepishly) I suppose, in the commotion, I knocked the scented candle from the coffee table, the rug went in a flash, and Hal took off screaming like a girl
Officer: (startled) excuse me?
Woman: When his shirt caught fire...Then I tackled him. Stop, drop and roll you know.
Officer: (exasperated) Yes Ma’am. Stop, drop and roll.
Annc: Rebuilding, remodeling or redecorating, choose the value and durability of Graber blinds and pleated shades, with colors to match any décor, all at ninety days same as cash from House of Blinds – in Draper at a hundred twenty second and Factory Outlet Drive, and in Salt Lake on the corner of Twenty-four hundred South and State Street, or call toll free 800-444-65-55 for the House of Blinds.

Seaport Village Inn

Commercial Length: :60
Commercial Title: Senses

Sfx: draw back curtains. Soft breeze, waves lapping.

Male: (easy/morning delivery) Deep inhale. (amazed) Wow. (turns to spouse) You smell that?
Female: (brief inhale, slightly stunned) oh, (pleased) yeah. What is that?
Male: That’s gotta be (finding the right word) peace, tranquility.
Female: comprehending) all delivered on a gentle ocean breeze.
Male: we can’t get this back home
Female: nope.
Male: we should have come to Catalina Island a long time ago
Announcer: It’s not a unique experience, but it is personal. (gentle music up/under) Make your vacation escape for a week or a weekend to Catalina Island and the Seaport Village Inn. (sfx: casting) Reeling in the fish, soaking (waves against a boat hull) in the sun on the water, zooming through (sfx; jet ski) the waves on a jet-ski, treasure (old fashioned store door ringer) hunting in Avalon, or simply a walk on the (sfx waves) beach and a candlelit dinner. Your island vacation is close to home on Catalina Island at the Seaport Village Inn, with packages starting at just 1-19 per person. Call 1-800-2 Catalina or visit online at Catalina Catalina dot com. (repeat if time allows).

Herb's Towing

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Ten Minutes Later

Back a ways, they invented the automobile. About ten minutes later they called for a tow truck. Fast forward a bit more than a century and you find that motorists still need heroes in tow trucks. Yellow tow trucks. Says Herb's Towing on the side. Herb's Towing has won more awards than they're comfortable talking about. Aw shucks, they'd rather be helping you. Get in an automotive jam, call in the sunshine, the big yellow trucks and award winning crew of Herb's Towing, online at Herbs Towing dot CA.

Krown Rust Proofing

Commercial Length: :30
Commercial Title: Wholly Underparts Rev

Winter will eat your car. Winter rusts away the resale value along with your underparts. You really want wholly underparts? What you want is value for your trade-in. What you want is Canada's number one rust protection company, Krown Rust Proofing to cut down on maintenance costs, extend the life of your vehicle, even add resale value. Krown Rust Proofing is the highest quality rust-proofing available. Your money, spend it wisely. Krown rust proofing, spelled with a K, at Krown dot com.