Voice Creative

Ladies Intro

This is to be read by all three. Each must decide which part to have fun with. Items to be edited close, as a natural conversation. A) How much do you qualify for? B) (teasing) The answer will surprise you!… Read More »Ladies Intro

Complex Law Rev

Straightforward Medium pace/tempo. Some people think hiring a personal injury attorney means a firm with the biggest staff or most offices, the oldest lawyers, or the largest settlement promises. No, you need an attorney free of empty promises and bogus… Read More »Complex Law Rev

Beau’s Odd Jobs

(Friendly and folksy, easy speakin’)   Some folks don’t know a wrench from a screwdriver; or are too busy for honey-do lists and random odd jobs. Then there’s Beau Smith. Hanging pictures, blinds, or curtains. Call Beau. Got a great… Read More »Beau’s Odd Jobs

Portland Gun Blade

(Fast-paced hard-hitting upbeat.) The “original” Rose City Gun Show is Back at the Portland Metropolitan Expo Center. This is one of the largest exhibitions of shooting sports-related brands and products, just two days only. The Shooting Sports and Blade Expo… Read More »Portland Gun Blade

Quick Sports

What feels better (sfx: half-hardhearted smattering of polite applause) or would you rather has (Sfx: loud vivacious cheering). For all the effort you put into (quick and slightly overlapping) your sports team, your office staff, your bowling league, your customer… Read More »Quick Sports

Soup Month

(slightly fairy tale read, fantasy music under) Maybe you had the best Grandma ever, and her soups? (with delight) Wow. Remember the aroma, remember the taste, remember the soup dribblin’ down your chin. Only problem, (end music, dry read for… Read More »Soup Month


It’s been more then just a few months of challenges. But life goes on, and these trials help people focus on the truly important: lives, relationships, celebrations. Mount Angel Sausage Company says – bring it on! Weddings, birthdays, award ceremonies,… Read More »Celebrations

Local Bavaria

You can drive to Bavaria. It’s called Mount Angel, a quiet Bavarian village with a rich European history, nestled in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Mount Angel is home to the Mount Angel Sausage Company, great sausage bursting with… Read More »Local Bavaria