(tender, caring. Gentle piano under) Your house. It’s not about the walls, vanity sinks, or floor color. It’s about peace of mind. About making your house, your home. Whether you see mountains or (slight chuckle possible) your neighbor’s carport from your window – it’s your window, in your bedroom, in your home, The Realtor dedicated to getting you home: Nora Castro at KW Capital City. Buying or selling, Nora Castro means you get to come home. Start with an email to Nora dot Castro at K W dot com. Nora dot Castro at K W dot com.

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  1. ok they came back saying that want something along these lines:

    At Keller Williams Capital City in Salem, Oregon. The Sasquatch Realty Group, LLC is here to assist you in your real estate needs. Our agents are licensed in the State of Oregon. Call us for free Consultation or free CMA. That’s Nora Castro, 971-218-6932, noraulloa.valuedagent.com, [email protected]. Each office is independently owned and operated.

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