Desertview Credit Union

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Christmas Signature Loan
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(very excited upbeat giddy delivery, happy music up/under) It's coming – the joy and happiness of little elves and cherubs. It's sooo exciting. (sfx: down sting, drudge music. Voice down and drab) Until you open you checkbook. (getting cheery, very optimistic) No, you can feel happy again! (happy music back up/under) No stress, just happy shopping with your Christmas Signature Loan from Desertview Credit Union! Borrow one-thousand dollars, pay eighty-seven dollars a month for twelve months, just seven percent – Wow, that beats the rate on your credit card! See, the holidays are fun! Get your Christmas Signature Loan at Desertview Credit Union on North Main in Huntington and West Main in Ferron, Information and restrictions online at D View dot Org.