Dough Testimonials Rev

These are reviews from the Facebook page, shortened.
Announcer is very friendly., with a slight alteration in delivery to indicate he is quoting.

Annc: Ready for doughnuts? Check out actual reviews of The Dough Hook: “Wow! The flavors were bold, the dough was delicious. We can hardly wait to go back.” That was Shelby, and Killian said: “I went there and tried your crème brule donut and vanilla bean cruffin. They exceeded my expectations. New favorite donut place.” We’ll let Eric wrap it up: “Best donuts around with a variety of flavors. They are BIG too.” Ready for doughnuts, come bite into the Marian Berry with lemon drizzle; or find your favorite at The Dough Hook, Lancaster Drive Northeast behind Walgreens.

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