Ernie’s Menu


Announcer: Ernie’s a regular at Capital Coffee and Deli, and he’s got his favs. The tuna melt panini on Monday, the quesadilla on Tuesday. Then Ernie’s favorite day, cinnamon roll Wednesday,
Ernie: (bragging, sharing a secret) I get extra, freeze ’em, and have enough for the next few days.
Announcer: Thursday’s and Friday’s (interrupted, overlapped) Ernie’s dining on
Ernie: (interrupting) Let’s just say I’m a huge fan of the simple fresh flavors of Capital Coffee and Deli, from a hearty breakfast to iced tea and espresso, to bagels, sandwiches, salads, wraps and bowls…
Announcer: Open seven-thirty ’til two-thirty on Court Street Northeast, Satisfy yourself for breakfast and lunch at Capital Coffee and Deli.

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