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Money For Education
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Some people name their car. (sfx: car start) We’ll call this one “Graduation”. The thing you need to get Graduation - is education. Education is your key (sfx: keys) to Graduation (sfx: car start). If you live in Smith County, grabbing your (sfx: keys) education and achieving (sfx car start) just got a little easier. Until December 31st, the Family Motors Auto Group dealerships in Smithfield and Jonessville are donating a portion of the proceeds from every car sale to scholarships for Smith County students. Every new car, every pre-owned car, every truck, van, SUV, crossover… Every sale means more money for Smith County students. Every new and pre-owned vehicle sold at Family Volkswagen, Jonesville Audi, Porsche of Smithfield, and Jones Family Motors puts more money into scholarships, more scholarships in the hands of students, and can give another student their (sfx: keys) education. Visit Jones Family Motors for Buick, Chevrolet and GMC; or talk to Family Volkswagen, Jonesville Audi or Porsche of Smithfield about your next car, and how you can help hand an education to the students of Smith County.