(Music up/under. Generic non-emotional music bed) Therapy comes in a bunch of forms – you can sit on the couch, you can shop shop shop, there’s always drinking; or you can slip your fork into a dream. (sfx: stylus scratch. Dry VO) Wait, fork what? Slip your fork into a dream, a Beloved Cheesecake. (Music up/under) Every person deserves to be loved, and every person deserved the delicate luxury and relief of cheesecake in an uplifting and safe space: Beloved Cheesecakes. Therapy the cheesecake way, at Beloved Cheesecakes, open afternoons Tuesday through Saturday on North Water in Silverton, order for her online at Beloved Cheesecakes dot com.

2 thoughts on “Fork Dream”

  1. Clients response:

    Wow, Amanda that is impressive! 😁 Can we we add or somehow fit in that we are 2x Gold Metal Winner for Best Dessert of Willamette Valley and that we offer a variety of flavors, keto, and gluten/free options?

    Is there any way to come how include this? sorry

  2. Neil Holmes

    That’s great to hear, thank you. But as the commercial is about the listener and not the client, I recommend against adding info about the client. Cheesecake Therapy was a terrific approach we expanded on from their website. The goal of this commercial is to move listeners to find more info, whether it be about the awards, the flavors, the options. I don’t think it’s a stretch that listeners will think there are many flavors and options, let them discover those with the wonderful pictures on the website.

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