Frozen Slurp Rev

(woman, talking while devouring a frozen yogurt shake through a straw. Quick, excited.) Holy mother of yogurt, (slurp) you guys have to try Peppermint Stick. It’s a frozen yogurt shake. Yesterday I had the Mango Sunrise sorbet (slurp) and October it was the frozen pumpkin shakes from Heavenly Frozen Yogurt. (slurp) Mm yeah, they have traditional frozen yogurt in all sorts of flavors, even egg nog and apple pie, with all the toppings. Hint: guys, you want to score with your girl – Bring her heaven by the cone, cup or shake. Pick up frozen yogurt from Heavenly Frozen Yogurt, on McLaine in Silverton next to Papa Murphys. (slurp, VO fades) Man this is amazing….

2 thoughts on “Frozen Slurp Rev”

  1. Clients reponse:
    The advertisement sounds great! We also have peppermint stick, eggnog, and apple pie yogurt flavors coming in for the Holidays if that could be included too that would be awesome!

    So maybe switch out some of the flavors but leave the pumpkin one.

  2. Client emailed again…

    One more thing. We have a birthday package that you can rent your own yogurt machine, we will deliver, set up, ask for details. it includes 2 flavors cups and spoons, or cones….thanks

    I don’t think we can fit this in so can you do another ad with this information that we will put in rotation with the other one?

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