House of Blinds

Commercial Title: 
Police Report
Commercial Length: 

Sfx: water dripping from a just extinguished fire, police radios, debris being shifted all in background. Quick responses, slightly overlapping.

Officer: (soothing voice) Ma’am, just tell me what happened …
Woman: (Very shaken) It was all so sudden. Hal and I were sitting here watching the TV, and (screams next word, officer jumps, crash in background) BAM! A rock comes through the window.
Officer: Where’s this rock now?
Woman: I suppose it’s behind the couch – it broke the window but didn’t get past my wood blinds (with pride) aren’t the lovely. They’re Graber blinds from the House of Blinds.
Officer: (patronizing) Graber Blinds you say?
Woman: (bragging / gossiping) From the House of Blinds. I find House of Blinds is value and durability – I mean these (sfx: shaking/rattling blinds. Maybe knocking on them) stopped a rock.
Officer: (redirecting) And how did the fire start?
Woman: (sheepishly) I suppose, in the commotion, I knocked the scented candle from the coffee table, the rug went in a flash, and Hal took off screaming like a girl
Officer: (startled) excuse me?
Woman: When his shirt caught fire...Then I tackled him. Stop, drop and roll you know.
Officer: (exasperated) Yes Ma’am. Stop, drop and roll.
Annc: Rebuilding, remodeling or redecorating, choose the value and durability of Graber blinds and pleated shades, with colors to match any décor, all at ninety days same as cash from House of Blinds – in Draper at a hundred twenty second and Factory Outlet Drive, and in Salt Lake on the corner of Twenty-four hundred South and State Street, or call toll free 800-444-65-55 for the House of Blinds.