I’ll Help

Rock Bed up/under

Annc: (slight attitude)You got gutters need cleanin’?

Beau: (friendly, easy to work with) I’m Beau, I can help with that.

Annc: You got yard and tree work?

Beau: I’m Beau, I’ll help.

Annc: You got a garage that needs way more attention than you wanna give?

Beau: Just call me at 871-92-16

Annc: For Christmas lights that won’t hang themselves…

Beau: I’ll help!

Annc: For junk, demolition and haulin’ crap to the dump…

Beau: 871-92-16

(music change, classical)

Annc: (a bit more stylish) Do you have an event to set up?

Beau: Call me, 871-92-16

(Music back to rock bed)

Annc: You got stuff you want done? You call Beau Smith: 503-871-92-16.

(Music bed sting)

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