Love Life Phone

Hey guys, ever notice that when you help with the cleaning, your love life improves? But yeah, who wants to clean. You do, with a phone call. You know the holidays, and the harsh judgments of your relatives, are coming. So make the call to Azucena’s Cleaning Service. Cleaning the oven, scrubbing the floors, shining-up the bathroom, sparkling the windows, any or all from Azucena’s Cleaning Service. Write this down, put it in your phone: Azucenas Cleaning dot com then call 503-779-59 oh six. And (sfx: glasses toasting) Here’s to your love life.

2 thoughts on “Love Life Phone”

  1. Neil Holmes

    Altered the copy to include the phone number, but I would not use it. People don’t tend to write phone numbers down off the radio (or TV, or billboard, etc) They usually Google it. That is why we chose to reinforce the spelling of the name.

  2. Yes I agree and told the client that but she insisted on the number being in there.
    She also really loved that in the first ad, it spelled her name for the website. can we ad that back in please.

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