Matt’s Demands Rev

Authoritative male.

Matt’s a particular kind of guy. He demands things are done right for his customers. So who’s Matt? Matt’s the leader of the team at S C A Detailing, they protect your car, bike, R V; your entire fleet. He makes sure only the proper systems, processes, and procedures are used inside and out; like Ceramic Pro, and the most advanced film technology to protect your paint. That’s how S C A Detailing earned certification by the International Detaining Association. You want detailing done right, you want S C A Detailing. Visit online at S C A Detailing dot com.

2 thoughts on “Matt’s Demands Rev”

  1. I’m still not super happy with it.. maybe I’m just picky… the ad writer seems to have gotten upset with me in his writing of the ad. It makes it sound as though I am a drill Sargent style of a manager.. I also think mentioning my name so much, doesn’t drive home the fact that we have a whole crew creating the transcendent customer experience.

    Does that sound reasonable or am I just being sensitive?
    Matt McCurry

    His response…can you please revise? Thank you!

  2. Neil Holmes

    My apologies. It was not our intention to make Mr. McCurry think we were mad at him, simply to use his desire for perfection to illustrate the attention to detail he and his team put into every vehicle.

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