Messenger Killed Again

A while back a larger car rental company’s CEO said this about why they stopped advertising: “We did see a lift in awareness — we measured it before and after — but that didn’t convert into membership.” Wait, what? You stopped advertising ‘cause it worked like it was supposed to? Obviously the creative was effective, the company admits it saw a lift in awareness. All advertising can ever do is raise awareness, advertising cannot turn listeners into your clients, that is up to the business.

Falls to the merchant

Advertising can only lead the horse to water, but the merchant is responsible for helping the lead tip the glass back and drink. The merchant is responsible for turning that lead into a customer.

He’s not alone

A few years ago a heating oil company spent just a couple hundred for 20 spots over the course of a week, running about 3 a day on a jazz station. This heating oil company told us he got 22 leads, but no sales, so he wasn’t renewing. Wait, what? Your small dabble into advertising gave you 22 leads, 22 people who were in the market for your product, ready to buy. You didn’t close them, and it’s the advertising’s fault?

Realistic Expectations

All advertising can do, whether it’s TV, outdoor, Internet, print, radio, direct mail, skywriting, posted bills, or social media; all advertising can do is provide leads. Advertising is the messenger to reach a broader audience, to help you increase brand awareness. The right message and frequency will do an amazing job. The car rental company’s CEO did not hesitate to say their advertising measured an increase in awareness. He failed to understand that is all advertising is meant to do. Advertising worked again, and advertising will help you grow your business.

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