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Female Announcer: (tender, thought provoking) If you could open the (sfx: door squeak open) door, and peek at the tomorrow of your kids, would you like what you see? Would your son be a judge? Would your daughter be a surgeon? Would your kids be happy, healthy, well adjusted and enjoying their own families? (sfx: door close, tender music up.under) Success as an adult begins with success as a child. Success as a child begins with a loving, nurturing, atmosphere. A loving nurturing fun filled atmosphere is home at Minnieland, a Child's Place. When the wooden blocks and finger paints of childhood yield to the architectural drawings and fine art of adulthood, you and your children will feast on the memories from Minnieland, a Child's Place. Visit online right now at Minnieland a child's place dot com and explore learning in a loving environment, or stop by either Fredericksburg location, off Massaponax, and off Gordon Road. For a safe, loving, caring, fun filled environment for children six weeks to twelve years, full or part time call 540-785-22-44. 540-785-22-44. Minneland, a Child's Place.