Old Country Flavors

(bad german accent)  You sink being in de Bavarian town of Mount Angel ve all talk wid une accent? (end accent). In fact, at Mount Angel Sausage Company, the only thing handed down are the recipes. And wow, you’ll taste the tradition when you order up some Fire Haus Brats, featured on Food Network; or stop in for a full European meal in the Gasthaus. Dine in the Bier Garten, bring your celebration, or order online from M T Angel Sausage dot com. The flavors you forgot you love are ready for you at Mount Angel Sausage Company, and order online at M T Angel Sausage dot com.

2 thoughts on “Old Country Flavors”

  1. so, i didn’t realize so much stuff was going on out at this establishment! So, we’re going to need to do more than one spot. But for now, I’d like to focus this one on their european market/smokehouse. They have whole smoked turkeys for thanksgiving that you can order online

  2. and I will have my team work on the other spots that focus on the german restaurant and the sausage company, because I can’t spend another spot on this client. This one specifically needs to be about the European Market and Smokehouse.

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