Podcast Production

Need help with your Podcast production? No problem.

  • We’ll help you make your program listenable, free from excess ums and uhs, pops and clicks, and tinny voices.
  • We can help bring you and your guests together, from anywhere.

Each guest just needs a quick room with soft walls (like under a blanket, in a clothes closet, etc.) and a microphone. Yes, it may be possible to use their smartphone and still make the audio listenable.

We start with a base rate of $150 per episode, plus $65 for each location of guest or host. Then our compilation fee is just $6 per finished minute.


Example for a 3 person podcast of 20 minutes: Base Fee of $150.00, plus 3 locations for $195.00, plus $120.00 for the final 20-minute mix. Total: $465.00.


Have questions or are ready to get started, just Contact Us.