Ranches Golf Course

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Play Me
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Sultry female, slight Scottish accent.

Announcer: I entice you. After all, that is what I was designed for. Some call me energizing. Some call me tantalizing. I'm provocative and soul-stirring. My geography rises and falls. My curves and rising mounds tempt and trap, they seem to go on forever. With every stroke I'm smooth and cunning, passionate and exhilarating. I am the diversion you cannot pass up. Won't you come drive your ball and play in my rough? Satisfaction complete only after we've played a round and shared a meal. I am the Ranches Golf Course, a seventy four hundred yard eighteen hole championship Scottish styles course. I am The Ranches Golf Club in Eagle Mountain. Near everything, away from it all. Definitely worth the drive. Online at The Ranches Golf Club dot com, or call 789-81 hundred. Hear me, call me, play me, I am the Ranches Golf Club, 789-81 hundred.