Role Models Wanted

Voice 1: (Slightly British major domo uppity) What every young person needs is to consume their vegetables with proper etiquette.

Voice 2: (fun loving male adult figure, mocking British voice) That may work across the pond (end voice mock) But here in ‘merica we’re about fun – like Town and Country Barbecue Smokehouse at the Rec. Yeah, we’ve got great kids, need a bit ‘o time with an adult male, and nothin’s better than barbecue, bowlin’ and bondin’. C’mon, you’re in the area, pick up a ball, feast on Town and Country Barbecue and (mocking British again) Come mentor some youth (end mock), at the Rec. Visit Welcome to the Rec dot com for details on a day you’ll want to repeat over and over.

1 thought on “Role Models Wanted”

  1. This is great but they were wanting the focus to be a little more on the BBQ pit and great atmosphere at the bowling alley. The BBQ pit it called Town and Country Smokehouse and the bowling alley is called The REC. They have separate owners but share a building. And the REC is the organization that is the non profit for young boys. But they will be splitting the bill. If you need to make it a :60 spot, that would be ok too.

    Thank you!

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