Seaport Village Inn

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Sfx: draw back curtains. Soft breeze, waves lapping.

Male: (easy/morning delivery) Deep inhale. (amazed) Wow. (turns to spouse) You smell that?
Female: (brief inhale, slightly stunned) oh, (pleased) yeah. What is that?
Male: That’s gotta be (finding the right word) peace, tranquility.
Female: comprehending) all delivered on a gentle ocean breeze.
Male: we can’t get this back home
Female: nope.
Male: we should have come to Catalina Island a long time ago
Announcer: It’s not a unique experience, but it is personal. (gentle music up/under) Make your vacation escape for a week or a weekend to Catalina Island and the Seaport Village Inn. (sfx: casting) Reeling in the fish, soaking (waves against a boat hull) in the sun on the water, zooming through (sfx; jet ski) the waves on a jet-ski, treasure (old fashioned store door ringer) hunting in Avalon, or simply a walk on the (sfx waves) beach and a candlelit dinner. Your island vacation is close to home on Catalina Island at the Seaport Village Inn, with packages starting at just 1-19 per person. Call 1-800-2 Catalina or visit online at Catalina Catalina dot com. (repeat if time allows).