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Some of the services at our command to craft and share affordable local commercials

Commercial Copywriting

Private Dick: (film noir tone, sfx: city) Fifteen hours on stakeout when he made a break for it. (sfx: distant door slams, near car door open from inside) I sprang from the car, (sfx body fall) and fell on my face. Dang, my legs are asleep. Won’t stop me, Quick as a fuzzy bunny I’m back on the chase. (sfx: man tackles man, then slightly breathless) I shout, “You’re goin’ up river” (pause) Then he says something I’d never heard before. He says, 

Thief: (knows he’s caught, making the best of it) Hey, you got any o’ that Posta Coffee left?

Private Dick: (bewildered) What?

Thief: You smell great, like fresh roasted Posta Coffee.

Private Dick: I grab his collar and says, “Posta Coffee is for the good guys.”

Annc: Posta Coffee, roasted for the good guys. Find yours at Posta Coffee dot com.

Announcer: Let’s say this balloon (sfx: balloon stretch) represents your budget. In goes your paycheck (sfx: balloon inflates), and out go the credit cards bills (sfx some air escapes balloon), the car payments (sfx some air escapes balloon), the food (sfx balloon completely deflates) , the … you understand all to well. Now, the holidays are here (sfx child laugh), and you just can’t see how to keep a little air in the balloon for the kids. SeaComm Federal Credit Union. Now this is not to say SeaComm is full of hot air, but they can breathe a little life into your budget, with a 9 point 99 A P R Holiday Loan. You can apply right now, just dial 1-800-764-0566, the application takes less than 5 minutes, and you can take up to 9 months to repay. Ensure this holiday is full (sfx: balloon inflates) of good times and wonderful memories, (sfx child laugh) call SeaComm for the Holiday Loan. 1-800-764-0566. 1-800-764-0566.

ANNC: Apply for a SeaComm Federal Credit Union holiday loan at our 9.99 annual percentage rate. Rates and terms are determined by overall credit history. Different Rates may apply. SeaComm Federal Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Other restrictions may apply.

A cartoon man composing advertising copy

Hyper-targeted Advertising

Copy and production value are important, but then the advertising must be seen and heard by people that want to buy from you. We’ll show you how to reach them; a 6-figure budget is not required.

Geo-targeting your advertising