Shoes n Chalk Rev

Got the desire to climb? Excellent! You’re on your way to fun! All you need are shoes and a chalk bag and you’re climbing at the Rock Boxx, a boulder climbing gym in Salem. The Rock Boxx is boulder after boulder of professionally designed climbing walls for you, for your kids, even the gang from work. Walls are up to fourteen feet high with pads at the bottom, so you don’t need ropes or special gear. – You just need shoes, a chalk bag, and the desire to be first to the top. Climb at the Rock Boxx, for all ages, details at The Rock Boxx, with 2 exes, dot com.

1 thought on “Shoes n Chalk Rev”

  1. I like it but can you edit the first part somehow? Most people don’t have a pair of climbing shoes, you use theirs when you get there.

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