St. John's Lutheran Church

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Exceptional Grand Opening
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How are you living an exceptional life? A life based in faith, reflecting the image of the creator; guiding families, making constructive contributions to the community, being a role model. Living an exceptional life is based in faith, and St. John’s Lutheran Church is the rock upon which you can build your exceptional life. More than the traditional church, St. John’s is fun and friends and a place to belong. No spiritual homelessness, no aimless wandering for spiritual fulfillment, St John’s Lutheran Church is a gathering of believers serving the community, living in the image of the creator. St. John’s is a family church, beginning worship together with unique children’s programs after. Join the vibrant and growing congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church this Sunday, and make plans to help celebrate the grand opening of the new facility on November 7th. Join Pastor Dennis Jones for inspiration, for constructive contributions, for your exceptional life at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 45 hundred Buena Vista Road, just south of Eden Avenue.