Urbana Park District

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One Hundred Years
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Nice easy paced read, remember this guy is over 100 years old. But do NOT make sound like the stereotypical ‘old’ person.

Annc: `I was just a sapling when it all got started. Now look at me, over fifty feet tall and shading the modern Chautauqua below as folks gather to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the Urbana Park District. (pan slight left) Over here folks set out on blankets and lawn chairs to watch the Little River Band, Teddy Roosevelt, and fireworks – and that’s just day one. Rock, country, blues; plus politics, dance and more all on the main stage during the six day celebration. (pan slight right) Over here, kids activities like arts and crafts, games and children’s story writing workshop. (pan center) There’s the culturally diverse food selection and vendors offering everything from sushi to pumpkin pie. And just a few steps away, make sure you plan to visit the Chautauqua gift shop, with memories of the Urbana Park District in the Hundredth anniversary book; Chautauqua T-shirts and more. The Urbana Park District’s Hundredth Anniversary modern Chautauqua, October ninth through the fourteenth in Crystal Lake Park. For daily activities, hours and other information, visit Urbana Parks dot org, and come join the hundredth anniversary celebration.