Writing Copy? Start with This

You should not give the client what they want, you should give them what they need.

Your client needs a blog post, a landing page, a commercial, or podcast that delivers results. Craft copy focused on the reader/listener/viewer, not an advertiser’s ego trip stuffed with sale items, their social media pages, hours, phone number and address, or pretend discounts.

Who’s the Focus?

Treat your target audience with respect; be persuasive, credible, informative, and memorable. Create copy that evokes and entertains and leaves out the hyperbole and half-truths, copy that is unlike every other blog post, commercial, article, or landing page.

Your client deserves copy that is relatable to their prospect’s life, focused on a single thought/item. If you have more sale items, points to fashion, offers to make, then craft separate copy for each additional thought or item.

Call To Action?

Effective copy will give the prospect a reason to care about the advertiser and will introduce to the potential customer that the advertiser is the right fit for them, that the prospect will get genuine value.

And once that is done the commercial won’t waste time with any of that “call to action” nonsense. When you make an emotional, credible, relatable, memorable, value connection with the commercial, you will have motivated the reader/viewer/listener to find the advertiser.


This outline for a commercial, for a landing page, an article, a blog, or podcast can be a hard sell to many clients, but they are the pros at their business, it’s okay to remind them it is your intent to bring them customers. You have invested in your education and team of advertising specialists to do exactly that.

Oh, and to further your reputation as an advertising expert, leave out the ad-speak copy clichés.

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