You A Seller?

When selling your car you want the most money possible, so you call on SCA Detaining to make your ride look its best. Good idea. But you’ll get more money when you plan for resale. Have SCA detail your car a few times a year. You’ll ride in impressive comfort and reduce the wear and tear and staining that drags down resale. Pet hair removal, ceramic coating, paint protection film, and all aspects of detailing and appearance restoration to clean, restore, and protect with SCA Detailing. Get started online at SCA Detailing dot com.

1 thought on “You A Seller?”

  1. Below is clients response…

    I’m not a big fan of the way the ad draft seems to guilt a customer into our services. It seems a little insulting to them??
    What about a more informative, maybe a did you know approach? Does that go over well to your audience?

    Can you switch up the idea of the ad?

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