Hyper-Targeting Your Advertising

Geo-targeting your advertising
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Zipvertising. It's Easy


Zipvertising means access to over 7500 podcasts and their listeners

Pick your program, from Arts or Business to Politics, Science, Sports… over 20 categories to choose from.


Zipvertising means access to 1.5k local radio station's online streams.

More than Pandora and Spotify, Zipverstiing means you also get heard on your local radio stations’ online stream. 

100 M

Zipvertising means over 100 Million Unique Monthly Listeners

We’ll target your prospects by age, gender, location, day, time, music or podcast genre, interests, and status.

4.5 hours

Americans listen to an average 4.5 hours of online audio every day. *

With Zipvertising’s targeted focus in online listening, you’ll reach your local prospects without wasting money. 

Welcome to Zipvertising, a hyper-focused approach to getting more exposure for less money. 

We narrow the geographic area from state to county, city, even to as small as a single zip code where your customers are, then focus on your users. We target your customers using nearly 100 different subcategories. (If you were selling baby clothes, we’d target new parents and grandparents).  We can even help you reach over 7500 Podcasts.

In short: Zipvertising costs less, delivers more, and saves money while building your business. We geo-target the people in your neighborhood who want your product. We won’t spend your money trying to reach people on the other side of town, or that don’t care about your product. Kinda like planting your ad seed in fertile soil instead of tossing it in the wind, hoping it finds a crack in the pavement.

Your growth and success from as little as $1200.00, with 6 months same a cash (so you get results before you have to pay).

A Quick Process Overview

Zipvertising creates an emotional and relatable 30-second audio commercial for your business that can play on over 7500 podcasts and in services like Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spreaker, Audioboom, Cumulus, Cox Media, Bonneville, iHeartMedia, Kast, Washington Post, entravision (sic), and the audio streams of many local broadcasters.

Plus, each audio ad is accompanied by a clickable banner that will take people right to your space online, a space free of your competition’s ads or influence. But here’s the best part, that clickable banner will also follow the listener page to page around the internet as a visual reminder of your offer. So even days after they hear your ad, you can still convert the prospect. That’s part of the secret to Zipvertisings’ superior ROI.

Here’s a monetary example: Invest two thousand dollars with Zipvertisng, you should easily make 20,000 – 25,000 impressions (times people hear your ad). Staying with the lower number, if just 10% of those 25,000 act on your ad (click to your landing page, follow or like you, call or stop in, etc.) that’s 2500 new prospects. If 10% of those new prospects become your customer (1% of the 25,000 impressions), that’s 250 new customers. (Your results will vary, usually for the better). 

Some Zipvertising Samples

For each campaign we’d design graphics of three different sizes to accompany the thirty-second commercial(s). The commercial(s) may air on streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, SiriusXM, Stitcher, Spreaker, Audioboom, Stream Guys, and the online streams of many local broadcasters like iHeartMedia, Cox Media, Bonneville, Cumulus, and entravision (sic). The graphic will also appear on other sites, following the listener as they browse the Internet.

Banners are for demonstration only and do not link anywhere. *Source: Nielsen.