Geo-targeting your advertising

Geo-targeting your advertising
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We call it Zipvertising, a hyper-focused approach to getting more exposure for less money. We narrow the geographic area to as small as a single zip code, your neighborhood, then focus on your users. (If you were selling baby clothes, we’d target new parents and grandparents).  We can help you reach over 7500 Podcast shows, or just one. You decide.

In short: Zipvertising costs less, delivers more, and saves money while building your business. We geo-target the people in your neighborhood who want your product, without spending to reach people on the other side of town. Kinda like planting your ad seed in fertile soil instead of tossing it in the wind, hoping it finds a crack in the pavement.

Zipvertising creates an emotional and relatable 30 second audio commercial for your business that plays in services like Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spreaker, Audioboom, Cumulus, Cox Media, Bonneville, iHeartMedia, entravision, and the audio streams of many local broadcasters.

Here’s a monetary example: Spend a thousand dollars with Zipvertisng, you should easily make 10,000 – 15,000 impressions (times people see/hear your ad). Staying with the lower number, if just 10% of those 10,000 act on your ad (click to your landing page, follow or like you, call or stop in, etc.) that’s 1000 new people. If 10% of those thousand new people become your customer (1% of the impressions), that’s 100 new customers. (Your results will vary. Not may vary, they will, usually for the better).